A Writer’s Worst Enemy Isn’t Time Management Or a Bad Idea

Sound advice!

Meg Dowell Writes

Why is it that we start to panic if our tweets, articles, and other posts don’t get instant feedback within seconds of us publishing them?

Why, when no one immediately leaves comments on our blog posts, do we start to wonder if we have done something wrong?

Why, when we submit that piece of writing we’ve been working on for what feels like months, and don’t hear back within the first 24 hours, we become convinced we’ve somehow failed?

This is the era in which we reside. We roll our eyes when Amazon takes more than 48 hours to deliver our packages even though we pay for Prime. We check our email 10 times within the same hour we made first contact with someone.

We not only expect that everyone and everything should respond to even our smallest actions immediately, but we often find ourselves crushed by the pressure that…

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