Book Talk 5/1/2020: What I’ve Read in YA Traci Kenworth

Image by Oldiefan from Pixabay

Book Talk 5/1/2020: Where I’m at Reading YA

Traci Kenworth

I’m about to finish one YA book and I’ve started back reading others. I’ve finally been at home with my car needing repairs. I’ve been back in the mood to read and write lately so things should be shifting around eventually here, and more reviews will appear. I’ve lost some momentum, true but I’m going to push through as best I can. I’ve also been ill with a severe sinus headache, muscle strain in my neck and shoulder, and an earache. I’m taking antibiotics now and things have been improving. I’m still so fatigued though so that wears on my days at home. I’ve had a few Netgalley deadlines I’ve had to get through for my romance readership. So reviews will be coming there as well.

Looking for a bathing suit for summer? Here and here? Covering? Men’s? Kids’ here and here. Teen girls and boys?

Suntan lotion?

Shade umbrella?

Beach towels?


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