Poem and a Story Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Poetry Challenge 7/15/2020 Blessed & Hexed chosen by Anita Dawes Traci Kenworth

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

We were given the words “blessed” and “hexed.” I chose to use the synonyms, holy and damned in three tankas of 5/7/5, 3/5/3, and 2/3/2. I also added a story. Hope you enjoy!

deep in prayer the
monk folded his hands upon
the trio of stones

lost in flight
the angel waited
damned to hear

blamed for
her part in
his lies

The Angel and the Monk

Traci Kenworth

They met by a pool in the gardens. The monk often went there to pray. He didn’t know she was listening or so she thought. In truth, he lured her there each night with his praise of her lord.

She thought it sad that such a poetic man called on the devil to strengthen his claim to the temple.

He entrusted his soul to her keeping, sure that she would pass it on to her Master. But she could not. For the angel had fallen. As all the damned do. They are like butterflies hovering close to the flower. Always seeking, searching for the best beneath, they do not see the trap until it is too late.

Such is the fate of the cursed.

Now, she is bound to the chambers of sin where the monk goes each night to pray. Not for forgiveness or to save his people. His are for the dark to rise him as a might throughout the land. He will be feared and above all. Never to fall. Or so he thought.

And as such, they play out their hex. One drawn to the other who wishes to break the chains and find hope again.

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19 thoughts on “Poem and a Story Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Poetry Challenge 7/15/2020 Blessed & Hexed chosen by Anita Dawes Traci Kenworth

  1. These senryu are fabulous. I hope I didn’t make it confusing, but I might have. You can write senryu or haiku in one of these forms: 5/7/5, 3/5/3, or 2/3/2. We did a few exercises in word reduction where we started with the 5/7/5 format and worked our way down in syllables to the other forms to show how easy it was to reduce syllables. The senryu trio would be three of each in one of the forms, not all three versions. Does that make sense? However, your creativity knows no boundaries! I like the way they came together. You went dark in your story. I love it! ❤

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